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It's a shame that such a section is needed, but this page is for those knuckleheads who would try to mess up this site without regard for the feelings of others.

I won't write formal rules of conduct for this forum, nor debate the outcome of any decision. However, if you might not make the same comment to a member of my family, across my dinner table, then it probably won't work here, either. Anyone whose post is deleted should be able to figure out why, and is encouraged to visit any of the other jai-alai forums in search of more fertile fields.

Persons who abuse their welcome here (i.e., to the discomfort of others), in addition to having posts deleted, will risk suspension of board privileges. There will be no debate/discussion regarding message deletion. Any posts pertaining to deleted messages or banned users will be removed.

Any attempt to impersonate another poster or otherwise disguise your identity is grounds for permanent ban.

How to Get Banned: A User's Guide

Just so there's no wasted effort, here are some easy ways to speed your trip to the ex-Chalkie burial ground:

This list is by no means complete, nor is it intended to be, because I don't want to wind up debating individual cases. But, it should help you get started. Additional suggestions will be appreciated.

Good luck to all contestants.

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